Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Where to Buy Truffle & Salt Solved!

Oops, have I really been in the bathtub for three hours? Well, my back is feeling fractionally better, enough to put on my glad rags and go out on the town with one of my top three fave dates. Mr. A. has to celebrate... it's his anniversay with his true love, la bella citta San Francisco... 14 years ago today he arrived and aren't we glad he did? We're trying to persuade Frankie, who's in a 'lonely me without a date' funk to join us... and we can be very persuasive! Chances are we'll go to the Slow Club, which we LOVE and which loves us... it's where Mr. A dined 14 years ago tonight, which goes to show he was tuned in from the get-go.

Speaking of get-go, and since I was reading The Tipping Point for the past three hours, I did a little further research and found out that you can buy the Truffle & Salt online. Here at lescadeauxgourmets.com... $22 for 3.5 oz... worth every centime. I'm half tempted to carry a little container of it around with me... just think you could make eating at McDonalds luxurious...

BTW if you're reading this and land up in the Slow Club and see a tall fabulous tattoed fag with bleached cropped hair in a fancy suit and tie, I'm the busty blonde wearing the fierce shoes smiling up at him... come and say hi!

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