Sunday, June 29, 2008

Germany vs Spain Euro 08

I'll be rooting for Germany at my local sports bar, Kezar on Haight... Final score? Germany 2; Spain 1:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Xavier Naidoo feat. RZA - I've never seen

I've just been introduced to Xavier Naidoo... I'm hooked! This song is magical... makes me happy, makes me sad, makes me miss a someone special in my life:)

Oh, the joy of being of sassy and single in SF!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

San Francisco

Like everyone else in the city I was dining al fresco on Friday night - could it have been any hotter? And now we're back to Shiverville... but I don't complain. I can't imagine what it would cost to live here if we had balmy evenings year-round, spurred by the mass exodus from L.A. alone! And when it's chilly outside there's enough to do inside... like the Frida Kahlo exhibition that's currently showing at the MOMA. Saw it Thursday night, followed by a nibble and glass of Nero D'Avola (currently my favorite varietal) at SPQR. Loved the exhibit, have less nicer things to say about SPQR (read my review on Yelp). Following the exhibition of her paintings is a collection of photographs in which you can see just how styling Frida was... her jewelry alone! Cynthia and I were wondering what happened to it all when in a book she saw a photo of Frida on her deathbed. "Look," she said, "it wasn't going anywhere. She took it to her grave." Sure enough, there was Frida laid out in her finest, every finger adorned with a huge ring. She would have been so in vogue right now.

Yesterday, we went to the Chihuly exhibit at the De Young... OMG. It is truly astonishing. Just when you think it can't get any better, you walk into the next room and your breath is taken away again. My words cannot do it justice ~ you simply have to see it for your self... and if you don't live in San Francisco, then nanananana neh!

That's why we pay the high prices:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Memo to Debra Winger

First of all, I LOVE your book... read through 110 pages before putting it down, not because I couldn't read any more but because I realized I'd regret devouring it so fast!

I regret to say, however, that the word 'prostitute' does appear in the book, so you may want to rethink your presentation:)

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Fabulous Debra Winger...

spoke my name!

As well as my friend Amy's and probably every other person for whom she autographed copies of her book
Undiscovered tonight... but that's not the point. She could just as easily have not said it. The fact that she did, IMHO, speaks to her authenticity and being truly 'present'. How many times have you been introduced to someone and a second later can't remember their name, huh?

I don't know why I should have been surprised to find that she is so down to earth, as well as extremely sharp and witty ~ never mind that she looks gorgeous (I would say for her age, but, like Tina Turner's legs, for any age). When she didn't agree with the assumption within the question that was being posed by the interviewer, she said so, graciously and with humor, but nonetheless asserting her point, thereby maintaining control of the interview and stopping it from being the runaway bore that was the interview I witnessed at the same venue with Oliver Stone. And I'm not dissing the JCC -- I love that they can attract such notable celebrities to our community and charge a nominal fee to hear them speak. My point is that the evening was a delight thanks to Ms. Winger's candor, finesse and charm ~ a role model for all women whatever age, but especially over 50.

Brava! Now I'm going to curl up and read her book!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Someone's Else's List for Summer...

I was so happy to come across this list. Just last week I renewed my gym membership, so number 1 check. That was half-way due to checking off number 2, though if you read this post a few weeks ago, you know that number 2 took care of me ~ thank heavens a man can make more sense than a woman on occasion:) And if you didn't read the post, then just know that I'm single again ~ out with the old (literally), bring on the new! See, I'm already ahead of the wardrobe game, number 3 check. I also just revamped my apartment and resumed yoga after my May 7th crash, number 4 check. Ooh, number 5 is a tough one... unless Amy's house in Mill Valley applies:) Number 6 is a no-brainer, currently reading Water for Elephants and The Russian Concubine, skimmed Eckhart Tolle's latest ~ nothing new to learn there. I do believe independent filmmaking comes under the category of volunteering ~ and, heck, if I ever make a penny out of the deal, I will be so giving 10% of it away! Number 8... so funny they chose screenplay as the example ~ since, I'm in screenwriting class every Tuesday 10 months of the year, check. Number 9, always a factor, check. Number 10 ~ off to LA for the weekend with a group of super fun friends. Phew! that was the easiest list ever:) Thank you Social Divas (

1. Get in Shape — No one, and we repeat, NO ONE has an excuse to be unhealthy. With all the extra hours on your hands, there’s never been a better time to get to it! It’s bikini season, after all.

2. Drop Your Seasonal Fling — Yes, we mean the guy you were hanging on to because, though it was alarmingly cold outside, his feet always managed to stay miraculously warm. He might have been a great snuggler, but who wants to cuddle when it’s 90 degrees outside?

3. Rid Yourself of Wardrobe Malfunctions — Now that the season is over, go through your dressers and closets and pull out anything that has a hole in it, doesn’t fit, or you can’t remember wearing it during the cooler months. Give those items to Goodwill or your fashionista niece. After all, if you didn’t wear it this year, chances of you wearing it in 2009 are slimmer than an Olsen twin.

4. Become a Zen Master — After you clean the clutter out of your wardrobe and your love life, start clearing out any of that pesky spiritual dead weight. Meditate, do some yoga, center your Chi. Trust us, after being cooped up all winter, your mind could use a good dose of positive affirmation.

5. Find a Summer House — If you don’t have one yet, GET ON IT! Find a friend, a friend’s friend or, what the hell, make a new friend and get yourself some digs by the beach.

6. Read a Book (NOT a book on tape) — As confessed reality TV fanatics, we know how hard it can be to shut off the tube during your vegetation time. Use your extra hours this summer to read something enriching.

7. Volunteer — You always wished you could, but you could never find the time. Now you have no excuse! Part of being a Social Diva is helping other Divas in their time of need. Sign up to be a counselor at your local women’s shelter, join the Boys & Girls Club… do something to enrich the lives of others. How very noble you’ll feel!

8. Get Schooled! — Have you always wanted to learn how to create your own jewelry? Learn how to sew so you can make your own fabulous duds? Get the skinny on how to write a good screenplay? Start looking into some classes that interest you and use your extra hours to learn something new.

9. Go Green — Spend a little time finding new ways to make your casa a little greener. Change out those lightbulbs, replace your air filter, or consult with some experts to find some more ways to reduce those icky carbon emissions.

10. Relax Already — You lead a busy life, Diva, and you deserve some ‘me’ time, too. So splurge on that day at the spa, or go lay by the pool for a few hours and (gasp) shut off your Blackberry. After all, you’ve earned it!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Historical Photos of San Francisco...

and Paris. Two books I was gifted with the promise that I would review them... I am so remiss! I have an excuse ~ I'm in post-production of a full-length feature film, no easy feat to accomplish on zero $$:(

That aside, I readily agreed to the proposition because I love history and photography and my two favorite cities on the planet are San Francisco and Paris. So, finally with a few minutes of downtime, I opened the pages... These are interesting collections of photographs, not immediately impressive, but worth studying for their amazing detail. Although I'm an architecture whore, as a filmmaker I'm more interested in people's faces and one of my favorite photographs is on page 162/163 ~ I'd scan and show it here but suspect I'd be busting copyright laws! Paris has a whole different vibe... it's just so much more... well, European!

That ain't much of a review ~ perhaps it's suffice to say that they look very elegant on my coffee table and friends like to pick them up and peruse them. They're available on Amazon at