Thursday, October 07, 2010

New Discoveries...

Maybe I should be thanking the construction crew at work on Whole Foods next door for the incessant racket because it got me out of the house on this beautiful day. So driven to distraction, I went off with the vague idea of finding a) ZESPRI GOLD kiwifruit and b) a book that was recommended at last Saturday's Film Producers' Meeting. "The Hollywood Economist."

Mission accomplished. I found my book at my go-to bookstore Green Apple on Clement and I found GOLD kiwifruit at $1.99 a pound at New May Wah, my go-to Asian grocery store. And a steal for plump ZESPRI GREEN kiwifruit at $1.39 per pound. Look at the lovely loot I got:

But that's not all... I found affordable salsa classes at The Rockit Room - info here. A new beverage I am in love with called Neuro Bliss... it promises "happiness in every bottle." Oh, maybe that's why I'm not so mad at Whole Foods! Check out all their other versions at Neuro Drinks. Cannot wait to try Neuro Gasm;-) A new Chinese Foot Massage that avoids the crowds of Chinatown called Relax Feet Message at 404 Balboa. Only $25 for one hour and open 7 days a week from 11 am 11 pm. And, last but not least, the original Sushi Bistro... I spent my birthday last year at their other location on 24th Street. Amazing, delicious, affordable sushi.

Guess what I'm doing tonight?