Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Craig Ferguson

How could I forget to mention?!!

The love of my life, none other that the fabulous TV's Craig Ferguson, is coming to town... wild applause amidst whooping cheers of joy!

He's going to be at Edinburgh Castle:

Thursday, June 1: Time TBD
Edinburgh Castle in SF
950 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 885-4074

And doing three nights of stand-up at Cobb's, June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

I already have my tix. Do you?


Just checked my horoscope for tomorrow ~ eerily on the nose ~ had to share...

You're particularly prone to romantic flights of fancy, with Neptune in your love zone. Neptune actually first moved in here in 1998 - thinking back, can you see at all that you became a lot more idealistic about romance around then? Did you start to feel you would have a better chance to recognise a soulmate? Or perhaps you started on a merry-go-round of attracting more shady lovers? (Shady people are the downside of Neptune, while soulmates are the up…) Neptune's active today - those flights of fantasy are extra possible. Enjoy them if you can, but be careful if you smell a rat!

The link for your own daily planetary prediction is on the right... or if you prefer click here.

Over and out.

Ambiguous Labeling...

Missed what’s come to be my weekly blog entry because after class last night I met up with a ? for drinks. What’s the question mark? You know, everybody likes to label people… hi, this is my “husband,” ~ that’s a favorite once you snag one; or, hi, this is my “best friend,” ~ a favorite introduction of Mr. A's (who from now on will be known as Anthony, since we ~ the royal we ~ are now naming names), to whom I always throw an upshot eyebrow, (turns out, after much apologetic explaining, I’m one of three ‘best’ girlfriends, we never got ‘round to counting the boys); or how about, hi, this is my “partner” ~ to which I usually ask, “oh, what business are you in?” Duh, this is San Francisco… So back to my ? of last night…

We met last August at Carlos’ going away party ~ which is another story ~ Carlos drove halfway to New York and did a U-turn. So, Mr. ? and I hit it off and went on a couple of ‘dates’. What constitutes a date? Well, usually drinks and dinner are involved, leading to something more intimate, though not necessarily all in one fell swoop. However, on our third encounter he announces, admittedly abashedly, he has a ‘girlfriend’. Now, what’s a girlfriend, especially when you’re seeing another woman? In this case it was one being phased out; Mr. ? just didn’t have the heart to be the one to do the phasing since she was on her way out of the country, permanently. Since playing second fiddle isn’t one of my talents, we left it at that.

Advance three months and I get a surprise call to meet for drinks, which didn’t transpire because he got held up at work and was leaving for Iceland the next day. Advance four more months and now we’re playing the ‘let’s get together’ game ~ schedule, cancel, reschedule, cancel, schedule again… which brings us to Kezar, my (or in this case ‘our’) local watering hole, last night. Three stiff martinis later, he’s on my couch giving me a foot rub while trying to convince me that I really would enjoy a man sleeping with me. Wrong. I like my bed to myself… which may explain why I’m single.

So Mr. question mark ~ was never a ‘boyfriend’, but definitely potentially more than a ‘friend’. Does that make him a former ‘flame’? I like that… infers there was something smoldering that never ignited. Or does a flame mean it was already lit ~ a torch, albeit a small one, already burning ~ that simply fizzled out?

Ooh, now my system informs me that Marvelous Matt just sent an email… let’s see what he has to say.

“Booty call?”

Now, that’s a label I like ~ do we know how to say "boy toy"!

Monday, May 08, 2006

In Absentia ~ Mia Culpa ~ MI III and more...

Well, I’ve been very absent, which seems to be my theme tune for this blog these days.

To catch up…

My new favorite restaurant is Sushi Groove South… having been there a few times in the same amount of weeks, most recently on Cinco de Mayo, when it was just Frankie and I putting in an appearance. Never mind it was only the two of us… a table was found immediately and we were treated like royalty by the entire staff and Teddy, our new favorite major domo, who spoiled us with treats. Kampai!

Before that we had seen MI III. Kudos to Michelle Monaghan… though I don’t know her personally, she’s within the extended family network. If you’re a Pro on Imdb.com, you’ll know that she’s ‘Numero Uno’ on their Star Meter. And, isn’t she fabulous? Word is that she’s not only lovely on the screen, but fabulous in person. And, hey, now that she's been Tom Cruise's on-screen wife, you know she's headed for the big time. Wasn't that what made Renee?

Later, much later, that night you would have caught us at Marlena’s cavorting with some of our favorite drag queens. I shot it all (well, not exactly 'all') with my new cell phone, so no promises, but a video is on its way to this very blog.

Let's see... What else?

On another ‘Fun Day with Frankie’, we aimlessly wandered the new De Young Museum. Maybe it’s because we were aimless (thanks to our Margarita lunch at Tommy’s) the collection struck us as being rather haphazard. On the ground floor, lots of modern stuff, while on the upper level, a mixture of furniture and last century American Art mixed in with native masks… Oh, well, the architecture is to be admired, for sure. And don't be like us... to late upon arrival to miss the 'scenic tower'.. you know, the one that blights the landscape from the exterior.

On a completely different subject… this is single in San Francisco after all… One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, albeit over six hours long ~ The Best of Youth ~ hey, it’s great for studying Italian. A film that takes you throughout Italy as it tracks a family through generations. The film won ‘Un Certain Regard’ award at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival and a slew of others at various other festivals. It’s actually available on Netflix, which alone will tell you something. I give it three thumbs up, okay two thumbs and a toe… go rent it!

Speaking of Festivals, The Damnedest, Finest Ruins will be in one festival that I know of for sure. Mark your calendars for the Wine Country Film Festival, July 28th, in Napa... please!

My friend Marie has turned me on to a new skin care line, Arbonne, and I love their Gelee Transforming Lift as well as their eye cream. Marie will be repping their products, so if you want in on the ‘in’ drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch.

Scary movie recommendation ~ High Tension. It’s a French flick (which you can watch dubbed in English). It’s slightly bizarre in its lack of explanation, but it will make you double lock your door, I guarantee… and possibly think twice before taking off to a remote location with your new best friend! Oops, didn’t I learn that lesson when I went to New York back in February?
(see previous blog)

Okay, so we're somewhat caught up...

A personal detail that enquiring minds might be asking... Boy Toy is seriously in absentia... seems the Gods over at Lucas keep him on the road... "What good is a toy when you can't play with it?" is what I want to know!

Speaking of toys, or more like games... I am so loving playing the Da Vinci Code Quest... only two days to go and hopefully I'll make the 10,0000 (that's right, TEN THOUSAND) finalists and be eligible to crack the final code and win that first-class trip for four to Europe. Phew! That will take care of my impending birthday angst!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Da Vinci Code

Between work and socializing I’ve been too busy to maintain this blog, but not too busy to play the Da Vinci Code Quest on Google. I swear it’s addictive -- I’ve solved 17 clues to date and now I have to wait for more puzzles to appear.

Hoping to win four first-class tickets to Rome!! Now, that’s an incentive to study the Italian I’ve been taking classes for but not boning up on in between our weekly gathering.

Speaking of puzzles, the formerly Bodacious Ms. B will now go by her given name of Amy. More names to come...