Tuesday, January 30, 2007

James Spader in Drag?

I don’t when I last saw something as brilliant! Maybe it’s why I don’t blog any more. There simply isn’t anything noteworthy to write about… then again, maybe this gray mare is just ramping up for a fabulous New Year!

If you watch this space, you’ll find out;)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year

Better late than never, right?

I'm writing a screenplay, which pretty much takes up all my creative energy... well, that and I've painted/redecorated my apartment, which involved some heavy lifting for a few days there.

The script is for my film school's contest ~ deadline February 15th ~ theme is Six and the City. I'm hoping I have a winner!!! Keep your fingers crossed:)

Speaking of Sex and the City, it's become my nightly habit to watch it on KRON 4, which usually means that I catch the last of the news and, to the point, the sports wrap-up. What is going on with Gary Radnich? Is he out and out plastered every night? Or does he have dementia? The rest of the team cringe when he babbles on; that's when he's not being cut short. Does anyone know what the deal is there?

Did a movie marathon on New Year's day... saw, in the following order: The Good German, Children of Men, The Good Shepard.

The Good German was definitely the best of the bunch ~ Kate looked gorgeous channeling Deitrich; Clooney was his usual impeccable self.

*Love* Clive Owens, but the film doesn't entirely explain itself and is extremely gloomy.

The Good Shepard, I'll probably watch on DVD when I can rewind to hear every line of dialogue and pause to catch up which guy in a suit is whom ~ good guy, bad guy, Ruskie or not? Angelina, naturally, looked gorgeous; too much she didn't have more of a part. Damon is starting to become a cliche.

I do highly recommend The Painted Veil ~ came out of that film vowing I was going to move to China! I sure hope it gets a nod come Oscar time.

Okay, it's almost time for yoga ~ yeah! I'm getting back in shape.