Saturday, February 11, 2006

Old Friends and New...

Carlos creates tiny bites of delectableness that burst with flavor in your mouth… an example would be the crispiest sliver of toast with a shaving of some exotic cheese, like a chili-dusted Manchego (I made that up, but the cheeses are of that ilk), topped with a soupcon of one of the compotes he makes (again, secret exotic deliciousness; think melds of different fruits and peppers with garlic and spices), and adorned with a miniature sprig of the perfect herb to heighten all the flavors… yummy!

For the first couple of hours, we were a six-some with Robert (whom I’d met at Carlos’ Dia Del Muertos party), a tall, handsome gay guy who you’d think was straight given how much he admired my boobs and gave me awesome neck and shoulder massages all night… and now a new friend Katherine, an Auzzie who has everything going for her… tall, slim, gorgeous and a successful psychologist to boot… Perfect, the universe heard my call for a resource for the psychological thriller that I’m working on.

Katherine has long thick straight hair that’s great but she has such beautiful bone structure, having one’s hair hanging is not always the best look… Mr. A to the rescue! His first look for her was a knot courtesy of chopsticks low on the back of her head with loose pieces sticking out to make it look hip and fuckable… followed hours later by a sleek high off the forehead up-do with bits hanging somewhat geisha-like… made me wish I hadn’t cut all my hair off! Not to worry, Mr. A is going to sort me out with some long clip in pieces so I can rock the beach look when we go to Bali in August.

Another half-dozen people joined us in ones and twos… and the party became quite raucous into the wee hours. The thing I love about new friends is hearing their stories, but even my old friends never fail to amaze me with a story they pull out of nowhere about someone famous they met, or something risky they did… Frankie was in the story telling zone last night and so, it seems, was I. Maybe I’ll write them here someday… but right now, gotta' run... there's a party to get purdy for!

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