Thursday, February 23, 2006

From the Trenches...

It may appear that I've been slacking, but actually I'm working my tushie off... Have connected with my good pal James Dalessandro and I'm in San Rafael for the most part working on the promotion of his novel 1906, Chronicle Books, newly released on paperback and about which you can read here. James is also the writer and director of a documentary on the same subject entitled, "The Damndest, Finest Ruins," which is currently in production... So, lots going on building up to the 100 anniversary of the earthquake on April 18th.

To see Mr. D in action... go to and, before you get completely distracted by all their incredible content, do a search and find the Palace Hotel... There you will see the best-selling author and historian himself waxing lyrical about this fabulous San Francisco venue.

Meanwhile, my social life has gone out the window, but I am meeting the bodacious Ms. B for cocktails and a movie screening... so, not all work and no play... wouldn't want to become dull, now would I?

Back to the grindstone...

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