Friday, February 10, 2006

San Francisco Living...

My horoscope (courtesy of Jonathan Cainer):
Your Weekend: The Full Moon in your sign, coupled with the alignment from Venus to the Sun, is the celestial equivalent of a cocktail of mind-altering drugs. It's like drinking half a bottle of absinthe and chasing each shot down with a double espresso whilst in the middle of a course of muscle relaxants. That may be enjoyable if you have nothing important to achieve, no situation to remain sober and responsible for - or if you need to communicate intelligently to anyone. Otherwise, watch out this weekend and get others to watch out for you. You're about to go on a high!

Oops! With two fabulous parties on the agenda, sounds like it’s going to be another one of those weekends… better warn the troops. Tonight is courtesy of Carlos, an intimate soiree in his fabulous Mission casa complete with exotic garden and overgrown banana tree… I met Carlos in film school last year and went to his farewell bash the night Mr. A, Frankie, and my friend Annie from London, and I had just returned from Mexico… It was a swell crowd… live band, dj, delicious food and an accommodating bartender. Carlos on his drive across country to New York did a U-turn… Now he’s starting a catering company and soon a restaurant… I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow is chez N and L, who also throw incredible parties in their gorgeous Exelsior home… it’s where Mr. A and I saw in the New Year…

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