Sunday, February 12, 2006

San Francisco Sundays... aah

The weather in San Francisco just now is divine… CT and I headed out from her Pac Heights abode directly down Fillmore to the waterfront. I was quite content walking, but not little Miss T… oh, no… we had to run. I had to run…

Ten years ago, we clocked in five miles most days of the week with little effort. What a difference a decade makes… ouch! Still, I’m happy that she pushed me and will most definitely be when, with continued effort, I see the results in my thighs and bottom months from now… Madonna who?

Off to Marin for dinner with the fabulous Miss B and her husband S and daughter little V... joined by Miss B's cousin Dave.... the hunkiest man on the planet and straight... and single;-)


  1. Nice blog. Hope dinner proved fruitful ; )

  2. I feel so cool that I know who "CT" is.... Don't recognize any other abbreviations, however. Give love to CT for me.