Thursday, February 09, 2006

Comics, Cartoons and a Dash of Reality

How hot were those Grammys ? Madonna and the Gorillaz? Amazing. Which reminds me, gotta’ get back into my body shaping program… Especially after a night of sloth in front of the TV with Frankie and Mr. A…

We landed up watching HOURS of programming uploaded from Frankie’s iPod to the TV… way cool technology. Dave Attell had us in stitches… and though his humor is wicked, it may not beat Dane Cook’s… Go to his Web site and click on TV/Tour to hear his riff on people who hate each other and yet stay together… funny, funny, funny!

We alternated between these comics and ‘Drawn Together’… an animated reality show in which a group of characters live together in the same house. As Frankie would say, hi-fucking-larious. But violent, which caused me to think of the danger I’d put myself in last week…

Since all turned out well -- the arrangement of my nose and teeth, both of which I’m particularly fond of, being still intact – I kinda’ skated over the issue, which is that violence against women is no laughing matter. Go ahead, google the term. It’ll return forty-four million hits. That’s right 44 million web sites spanning the globe that touch on issues from domestic violence, honor killings, trafficking in girls, to rape… All in all, I count my blessings and have concluded that I’m vindicated from publishing my experience on this blog. If just one woman reads this and it causes her to think twice before embarking on a similar adventure…

Not to get so maudlin, I came up with a Top Ten (somewhat tongue in cheek)… Signs He’s Not the Man for You:

10. He’s incapable of keeping a job.
9. He never mentions any friends.
8. He’s not on speaking terms with one or more of his family members.
7. He obsesses over his weight worse than a teenage girl.
6. Not even a glass of wine will pass his lips.
5. He thinks masturbation is a dirty act.
4. He says, “homey don’t play that,” when you ask to hear hip hop or Latin music.
3. He doesn’t own a single item of black clothing.
2. His fridge is empty but his cabinet full of prescription pills.
1. He has no idea how to punctuate a sentence.

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