Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stop looking for Mr. Right... he's married to Prince Charming!

The running, or I should say ‘jogging’, is proceeding apace… not exactly a fast pace, but it’s a pace.

Along with the outdoors portion of my fitness regime, I’m getting back into yoga and went to back-to-back classes on Friday night led by my newly discovered yogini, Samantha Terhune. For a moment of sheer bliss, there’s nothing to beat the head massage she gives you while lying in a restorative pose propped with mounds of blankets and bolsters in a room filled with love... aah. Check out
Yoga Tree .

I’m so excited for Mr. A. He called me after midnight buzzing over his hot first date with a man he met during the holidays. J sounds absolutely adorable and perfect for Mr. A… on top of which, not only did he pick Mr. A up at his apartment in his Mercedes and tell him he looked like a million bucks, he treated dinner and was a perfect gentleman (well, almost)... with promises of another date real soon.

It's almost enough to renew my faith in romance… sigh.

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