Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sassy? ... or not?

Don’t feel like I’ve been very sassy lately… probably because I’ve been so introspected… maybe that’s what a new year does to people… or maybe… it’s just me! However, according to my astrological reader Jonathan Cainer, I’m not alone since all Leos have not been feeling their usual gregarious selves… possibly something to do with the moon being in Cancer (a home-loving sign).

On a positive note, I’m happy to report that good things arise out of ruin and my friends in Ross have found a place to live, which sounds like not only a good move but beneficial all round. And, by the way, where was Sean Penn when he was needed? Sure, he’ll jaunt off to Baghdad and New Orleans, but what about round the corner to his own community? Geez, Sean, sorry I rooted for you in that Oscar nomination… not to infer that I had any sway there other than being a ticket-buying movie-goer.

Back at the ranch – more precisely, the yoga studio -- I just did my first back bend in years – woo hoo! (If you’ve read prior posts, you’ll know that 3 years ago I was rear-ended by an 81-year-old woman, who shouldn’t have been driving since she couldn’t even stand on her own two feet unaided.) Thanks so much to the gracious and loving Samantha Terhune at Yoga Tree.

Samantha does back-to-back classes in their Hayes Valley location on Friday nights… a great way to start a weekend…

I’ll get back to my normal single and sassy self out on the scene in good time… meanwhile, I’ll remain single and keep perusing the online ads… Speaking of which, since my friend Di and I discovered that we’d not only dated but… well, that’s between girlfriends… the same guy, I’ve always thought that online dating services would benefit from a ‘dating feedback’ mechanism. Not a place to ‘diss dishonorable men, but a place to genuinely comment on whether the person was who they claimed to be…

On that note, I have some movies waiting for me...

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