Thursday, January 19, 2006

Goofy TV Worth Watching

Last night I called Frankie to welcome him home from two weeks of grueling business travel and caught him just as he was sitting down to “American Idol.”

What channel is it on?

I turned on the TV.
Maybe I’ll watch it.
Let’s catch up tomorrow, have a drink.
Sure. Welcome back.

Instead I submerged my body in hot water and read a book.

An hour later, Channel 2 was announcing “Skating with Celebrities.” As I was deciding between DVDs, I found myself listening to Scott Hamilton describe how they had paired a celeb with a ranked skater and the couples were going to compete, with one being eliminated each week, until one couple was left skating.

Now whether watching celebs willing to make fools of themselves while adamantly refusing defeat has anything to do with it, or not, today I ran an entire lap around Stow Lake… which has to be close to a mile (anybody out there know?). Not to pat myself on the back too much, but I consider that reasonable progress after only a week’s effort.

So, here’s looking forward to the next installment of “Skating with Celebrities,” which I give two thumbs up for good, clean, uplifting fun.

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