Monday, January 16, 2006

Out of the Closet...

After a very pleasant, though somewhat inebriated (at least a couple bottles of very good red wine imbibed), visit with my friend H and her fabulous boyfriend D (who’s going to come back and help me get my Viao working on DSL – woo hoo!!), I happened upon Tom Sellick as Chief Jesse Stone on Channel 5 last night. The man is still hot. Here’s wishing him an early Happy Birthday – he’ll be 61 on 29th January.

I’ve been busy working on my web site so that I, finally, have a reel of my work online. I’d forgotten how gratifying web publishing is... so here’s blowing my cover…

In the ‘Tipping Point’, Malcolm Gladwell explores the concept of six degrees of separation. It’s an interesting read that I recommend. I recently decided to explore the concept myself and sent an email to my network of friends asking if they knew anyone at a certain company at which I’d like to work. The results are fascinating. I know two people who know two people who work at the company. I also know someone who knows someone who knows two people who know the owner and founder of the company. On top of which, I got turned on to a cool networking site -- check it out. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed I get the job!

Did I mention that Mr. A cut 8 inches of my hair last week? It’s so liberating! Then we attended the reception at Creativity Explored, where Mr. A indulged and bought hundreds of dollars of art. I was his consultant but refrained from any purchases myself since I have yet to pick up the piece I bought in October, not to mention the two pieces I bought by Todd Brown over at The Art House. If you’re not familiar with The Art House, please check it out and support a good cause by attending one of their weekly concerts. And if you're in the market for art, swing by when Todd's having an auction to raise money for rent. Great art at great prices!

After the reception, we headed over to one of our constant top fave restaurants Andalu for delicious tapas and their not-to-be missed White Sangria... yummy!

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