Monday, October 06, 2008

Sarah Palin - c/o SNL

I posted the YouTube vid, but it didn't carry forth my vile, so for those of you who care what a foreigner might think:

I have refrained from commenting on politics as it is a subject I prefer to avoid. However, I was struck deeply by Senator Biden's comment that this is the most important election of our times... and that is true whether you are about to vote your first election or whether you have been voting for sixty years. People, PAY ATTENTION, THIS IS IMPORTANT!

I watched the vice presidential 'debate' and I am appalled that it has not become know as the "vice presidential debacle"... maybe it has; I am simply busy to catch ALL the news... And, therein may lie the problem with middle America -- or is it the media in this country? Where do people who really want "news" as in "truth" go?!!

And so I post this video in hopes of being another URL in the ether that an inquiring mind might land upon.

As a 'Resident Alien' of 25 years, I am horrified by what this woman (aka The Governor of Alaska) is doing to further ruin the reputation of the United States of America. "For crying out loud," to borrow her folksey parlance, as women we have fought so hard to take a 'wink and a nod' out of corporate America. Are we going to let her get away with this? On national television? Help me people!

Can you imagine this woman using her so-last-century-wiles to discuss solutions to global challenges with leaders of foreign countries, such as... oh.... well, let's imagine... a moment with Iran at some point in the not too distant future... or perhaps 'Russia' (do some of us remember the days of "duck and cover" advertising from our childhoods?)... F**K!!! I would not even want her talking to the President of Kazakhstan with Borat Sagdiyev representing the other side...

Actually, now that I think about it, what is Sacha Baron Cohen doing these days? SLACKER!!

Okay... this is the closest to a rant you will ever get from me.

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