Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Badlands Pink Slip Stud

As it turned out Damon had to work on his birthday so the party ~ Frank, Anthony, and, my new BFB, James, and me ~ went to the front bar of Badlands and watched hot Madonna videos in between chatting with Damon in between Damon pouring drinks.

Then it was over to the Stud where Xave, aka Nature Boy, was DJ'ing Pink Slip. It was cute. Highlights were Miss Nix channeling Grace Jones' La Vie en Rose, Virginia Suicide doing a killer song Bang Bang (don't know who by) and, of course, the inimitable, amazing Suppositori Spelling, who came out looking like a school marm and ended up looking like the bad girl she is;)

Home in bed by 1:30 am ~ a fun Tuesday night:)

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