Monday, October 06, 2008


We had a very lackadaisical, or as Anthony likes to call it lollygag, start to the Castro Street Fair. With the boys coming from Noe Valley and me from the Haight, it was pure coincidence that we rendezvoused at Citizen, one of our go-to stores, with the manager Don overseeing the proceedings like a first-class maitre d'.

Several hundred dollars later... just kidding. I bought a pair of Diesel rainbow-colored undies for Damon's birthday coming up on Tuesday. After Anthony described wearing them as, "a party just waiting to be unpacked," how could I resist? Isn't that Damon to a T? Anthony reserved several items to be tried on when he was less pressed for time since all three of us were starving. Where to go?

Harvey's was a zoo. We were put off the sangria and crepes place by the naked man in full view. And then, Eureka!, we thought of it...

Our timing was impeccable... a table on the first floor overlooking the cast of thousands meandering by. Cocktails were creative and delicious - Anthony ordered a French Kiss; I ordered a muddled blackberry and blueberry mojito affair; Frank was strictly classic - Mimosas all the way!

And then the gluttony began... to find out what we ate, you'll have to visit

And then we went to the Men's Room to say hi to David, who was bartending, and to meet Damon for a drink before he had to start work at Badlands. All the while, frantic texting was going back and forth while we figured out Plan B, since Plan A ~ a lavish dinner for a party of eight ~ was obviously not happening.

We resorted to the old cheap and cheerful champion of spaghetti bolognese... accompanied by gallons of vino, naturally. Tom and David (owners of the Inner Mission Bar who rarely have the night off) provided the pupu platter... and we settled in for a True Blood Trilogy.

It was a fangalicious day and night:)

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