Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Little Wine Review

The other night I popped over to North Beach to an art show where a friend of a friend - Richard Luckey Perri - was included in a show of 13 artists' work at the Live Worms Gallery on Grant Avenue. Talk about blast from the past - so bo-ho and not in the chic hip way that graces Allure Magazine et al. I'll refrain from going into details, just say that my friend and I amused ourselves immensely by creating background stories for the characters we saw (a writer's exercise I learned in Vagliagli lo these many years ago). When we tired of that amusement, we mosied down the street to Rose Pistola, an old favorite, where Sam, the wonderfully accommodating bartender, catered to my picky tastes.

First on the list - currently one of my favorite varietals, Nero D'Avola from Sicily. At $15 a glass I was extremely curious, since wines from Sicily are usually on the bargain side (as in you can buy three bottles for $15!). This was a 2004, Saia, Feudo Maccari. Lovely on the nose, all those rich dried earthy fruits, but so disappointing... no structure, completely flat:(

Next up was a 2006 Zilath blend (Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Carignane), Caslae Centro Corri, Lazio - which is from around Rome. At $8, I was eager to like it. Again, nice nose but lacking structure.

Following right behind, a 2005 Pino Nero, 'Pinay', Attilio Ghisolf, Langhe, Piemonte... these Italian wines are such a mouthful... At $10.50, it was extremely lovely, nothing to rave about, but quaffable.

And that's this little wine reviewers tuppence worth for the week:)

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