Monday, September 15, 2008

Acting Classes with Richard Harder

It's been decades since I signed up for an acting class at UC Berkeley Extension. That was a complete waste of $300+ since I chickened out after oh, I think it was the second class. Standing in front of my fellow students reciting Robbie Burn's Ode to a Mouse had me quaking in whatever expensive pumps I must have been wearing at the time. I resolved right then to remain behind the scenes and now the camera. So it is not without trepidation that I am planning to take Richard Harder's 8-week acting class that kicks off on October 4th

In the interests of disclosure, since James Dalessandro quit teaching the longest-running private screenwriting class in Northern California, there's been a bit of a hole in the work that I do, so Richard's going to get the benefit of my digital marketing skills to promote his class. However, that shouldn't bias you.

Having witnessed Richard work my young actor Kish ~ the next Will Smith! ~ I can truthfully say that I am looking forward to learning from Richard. He has studied with the top acting teachers in the U.S. including eight years as Jean Shelton's protege and master workshops with Stella Adler. If anyone can make an actress out of me, it will be Richard... so stay tuned to this blog for weekly updates. If nothing else, they should provide amusement.


  1. I haven't "graduated" to university extension acting classes yet. I don't think I would chicken out but I guess I'm not sure I see the value if community college acting classes are like $100. Are they $200 better?

    I would love to hear your experience with it so I could get an idea if these type of classes would be worthwhile.

  2. I've not taken community college acting classes so I can't comment on their value. I can tell you that Richard's class works out at less than $12 per hour and the class size is limited so that students get plenty of individual attention. His exercises have evolved from his more than 30 years experience in the business studying with the likes of Jean Shelton, Stella Adler et al. I believe that the cost is excellent value.

  3. So you pay more and get better attention if I understand what you are saying. I appreciate your reply.