Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wine Tasting in North Beach...

Darn if I didn't forget to mention yet another yummy discovery ~ we'll get to those in a minute ~ Coit Liquors has added a wine tasting area to their already fabulous store at 585 Columbus Avenue.

For a piddling $8, I tasted:
2003 Saint Roch Lirac, Rhone, France ($11.99/bottle)
2004 Can Blau, Spain ($16.50/bottle)
2002 McLean Farm Shiraz Reserve, Australia ($17.00/bottle)
2003 Columbia Crest Reserve Syrah, Washington ($19.99/bottle)
2004 Unti Grenache, Sonoma ($26.99/bottle)...

The Rhone was lovely and a good intro to the rest... with some food to accompany it, it would have done well. The Spanish had more texture and I liked it find upon tasting, but once I tasted the rest... mmm. The Auzzie was very smooth and silky. For best value, the Washington Syrah came out on tops. For absolute indulgence the Grenache (did I mention that I'm totally into Grenaches these days?) was the ultimate.

James, my tasting buddy, couldn't resist ordering a taste of 2002 Mario Perelli Minetti Cabernet Sauvignon ($18.99/bottle) ~ OMG!!! Run, not walk, RUN to buy this amazing wine at this incredibly cheap price. It's from a 96-year-old winemaker in Napa.

If I had the money, I'd be buying it by the case!

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