Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In Favor of Booty...

In response to the comment on the previous post... the fact is Frankie has an awesome butt.

Now, he may not appreciate me writing this, but (pardon the pun) since Frankie is a little down (okay, make that a lot) because he had to make the decision today to put his kitty of 18 years to sleep ~ and get this, make an appointment to do it (does that bring back memories of Soylent Green, or is that just showing my age?) ~ on Friday, I'm hoping that this will give him an ego boost.

So, Frankie and I were scoping out new apartments for him in my 'hood and, post-apartment fall-out (another story entirely), decided to get a bite to eat on Haight Street. Meandering our way to one of the few choices for decent food on Haight, we stopped in at Villains Vault where Frankie decided he needed new jeans.

Not that I'm being a critic, but Frankie likes to wear his jeans so that the waist band sits on his hip bones, or, in other words, the crotch is approaching his knees. This, IMHO, does not flaunt his ASSets. So, when the sales girl was pulling out pairs of jeans for him to try on, she had a rather dubious look on her face.

Over the next chunk of time (I wasn't really counting as my belly grumbled for food), I lounged in the conveniently placed chair while awaiting him to model each pair for me... and lo and behold, the sales girl had a new appreciation for what Frankie has to offer... yummy bootie!

About a dozen pairs later, although every pair fitted him to a T, we settled on the two styles we liked best... and then the true debate began. Just how much does one spend on a a pair of jeans these days?

We put the $325 pair on hold and settled on the $175 shoe-in... which he's been wearing... low-slung so that no-one would ever have a clue of the cute ass he's hiding.

Call me old fashioned. Or just call me a girl who appreciates a nice butt.

As for Frankie's kitty... a moment of silence please for a beloved pet at 5:15 pm this coming Friday, June 30th. RIP Christopher. You are very loved.


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