Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Vino, Art and Life...

Just when you think you've met the best bartender, dammit if along doesn't come another...

Enter Gabe from 111 Minna. He also curates the art collection... not sure which I hanker for most ~ one of his amazing margaritas or one of the fabulous pieces adorning his walls. Since I can afford a margarita and I already own so much art it's being displayed horizontally beneath my bed, I guess the decision is made. Besides, Anthony was there to save me from myself. Can't say I did him the same favor. He spent hundreds of $$$ on super cool t-shirts designed by Byron of Virgin Sixty-Nine. Check out Byron's designs here.

Moving on... Friday night I hooked up with Paula who is currently curating "Torments and Other Love Delicacies" at Melting Pot Gallery, 1340 Bryant.

I also met Mr. Brooklyn aka Renee Fressola, a fab artist, who will be having a show at the Melting Pot in August. Check out his work at www.renefressola.com.

Moving right along, I hooked up with the gang at what Frankie is calling our standard Friday night spot... i.e. the bar at Sushi Groove South where we love everybody there. A million Negori's later, we ambled down the street to DNA Lounge and swanked in ahead of the line to Bootie ~ wow!

Adrian and the Mysterious D have come a long way. While the music is still a mash-up, the people no longer are... Bootie is seriously mainstream and the place was jumping. Congratulations!

We danced our booties off until 3:00 am, at which point, I declared it time to go home... zzzzzz.

Saturday saw Frankie and I at Crushpad's 3rd annual open house. What a fabulous concept ~ hook up with a bunch of friends, pitch in a few hundred bucks each, decide what wine you want to make and Crushpad practically does the rest ~ it's up to you how involved you want to be ~ a couple of years in oak barrels et voila, you have your very own wine label.

As if we weren't already verging on sozzled, we mosied on over to the Mix and met some extremely cute and fun people. I was very flattered to be hit on by the sweet and lovely Dana... didn't dare tell her that I was twice her age and then some!! As if it matters... as Dave likes to say, "it only means you've been renting your apartment longer than me." More to the point, I guess, we don't play on the same team... bit of a pity, really.

Next on the agenda was an art show at Red INK Studios, 1035 Market Street, featuring a cast of really diverse and amazing artists.

Thought the art was amazing, Frankie and I were wearing a little thin... more importantly, he wanted to put on a cute outfit for the rest of the night... whatever happened to dinner?!

Oh, that was a slice of cold leftover pizza chez Frankie and Anthony's while Frankie got cuter than he already was and Anthony touched up my make-up in between deliberations of what accessories to wear. "Oh, I think I'll just add the bling, bling Dior cube to the chain dangling off my Prada (or some such fancy designer) pants." One of these days, I swear I'll upgrade from my Gap jeans!

We skipped the friend's house party we were supposed to put in a face at and copped a cab on over to Pink for the "Summer Soul Sessions," where our friend, Shane, had a VIP booth reserved, which was very, very nice, indeed:-)

Fabulous crowd. Great music. Fun scene.

It only got better when a tall, dark and very handsome man asked whether I would like to dance. Well, that was an offer I couldn't refused.

It got better. He knew how to dance!

It actually got a lot better, but time is wearing on and I'm debating whether I'm going to put on my glad rags and go to Trannyshack for Madonna night...

I'll keep you posted;-)

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