Friday, December 23, 2005

You still got it

Top 5 reasons I love Craig Ferguson (besides his good looks and disarming smile):

1) He has authors on his show.
2) He features up and coming Scottish, Irish and English talent.
3) He's honest to the core.
4) He "over shares."
5) He's Scottish (which explains 3 and 4) -- gotta' love that accent!

On another note, did you see Jaimie Foxx on Letterman last night? OMG, he's amazing. Not only is he multi-talented and hot, he's smart, funny, and every woman has to love this... he wrote a song called "You still got it," or something to that effect... for all women who've had babies or put on a few extra pounds, you're still gorgeous. Gotta' love the man for that alone. His new album is titled 'Unpredictable'.

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