Thursday, December 29, 2005

We always have the movies...

to escape to when every thing else appears gloomy. This year seems particularly bad... yes, I had a wonderful Christmas and was blessed with an embarrassment of gifts and met lots of new and interesting people, but that was in between a close friend's mother dying, another friend being hit and run and fighting for his life in the ECU, my film school (where I spent the first six months of this year) being robbed of all its computers and cameras -- one of which I was going to use to do a documentary of San Francisco... No wonder I haven't felt like writing this blog, but, thanks to all the rain, I have been watching movies!

I saw Harry Potter at the iMax -- it was fun to be a teenager for a couple of hours. Aeon Flux was a disappointment; should have waited for DVD. On DVD, I watched the 40 year old Virgin -- not my cup of tea, but it was more charming and less sophomoric than I expected. Alexander was confusing and badly cast, but entertaining nonetheless. On the other hand, Colin did a great job in Phonebooth.

In retrospect, given the choice of being a magician, a clone, a virgin(!), world conqueror, publicisist, or me, I'll take just being me.

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