Thursday, December 15, 2005

An Ape to Love...

I have such trepidation about starting this blog. What do I have to say that’s so interesting? Who’ll read this anyway? Blah, blah, blah…

Ugh, the need to be perfect, to be no less than 110% brilliant.

Well, I may not be perfect, or brilliant, but I can aim for consistency in at least one area of my life and maintain – because the Internet is there and I can hear it calling (oh, mistake, I think that’s one of the other voices speaking) – a journal online, which I’ve failed to do the old fashioned way except in brief spurts, and since a writer, which I proclaim to be, is supposed to write every day… well, then… here I am.

So, no promises other than a regular contribution of my thoughts on life, single in San Francisco…which pretty much leaves the playing field wide open with regard to subject matter… be warned!

But, let’s start gently… go see King Kong.

Never mind what the critics say about the first 70 minutes build-up to seeing the ‘monster’… every minute is worth it. Naomi Watts has never looked more stunning; Adrien Brody is darling; Jack Black hits the right tone. There are a couple of back stories that don’t go anywhere, but they’re not enough to spoil the movie, and besides… who could fail to fall in love with a hero who saves you from the jaws of death, whisks you away to his mountain top retreat to cradle you in his arms and watch the setting sun?

Okay, so he’s a big ape, but then so are most of the men, metaphorically speaking, who ask me out and they’re never nearly as interesting.

On that note…

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