Thursday, March 06, 2008

Support Indie Film!

So, we've managed to shoot an incredible film with a talented cast, high production values and a great story! We are in post production and we have an amazing composer working on a score and original soundtrack, as well as a gifted editor who is going to cut the movie and design all the visual effects. We're well on our way for a submission to Sundance at the end of the year and for next year's Cannes -- all on next to nothing $$. What we now need is an event to thank our cast, crew, et al, and to debut our trailer and website to kick off our marketing/pr campaign. We also have a seasoned pr pro donating her skills and talent (thanks CT). We have a great location, courtesy of Inga Fischer, California Modern Art Gallery, and simply need help with food and beverages -- hence the widget on your right. One hundred contributions of $20 and we'll have one heck of a party! Please help spread the word and support your independent filmmaker. For all you know, we might be next year's Juno!

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