Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Coming up for air!

I can't believe my last post was December. Just proves how time flies when you're having a good time... or an indie filmmaker! So an update is in order ~

We wrapped production in December and went immediately to work on creating a trailer, which is a ton of work in of itself. Happy to report that is looks fab and will soon have fab music to accompany it courtesy of the very talented Mitchell Covington. Vijay is working hard on our website so that the launch will coincide very nicely with our wrap party that I've been promising for months. My challenge is to throw a party on a shoestring budget! Hey, I can produce a feature film on practically zero $$ but a party for a hundred plus people is another ball game entirely (I'm sure there must be a more appropriate metaphor, but you get the gist).

In addition, Gino and I are hard at work editing the film... or at least getting it to a rough cut so that a whiz editor can do their magic. I'm meeting with an editor tomorrow to review their work/our process. Hopefully, that will result in him coming on board... I cannot wait to see MISMO on the big screen ~ it's going to rock!

In January, I also produced a short film that we're aiming to pitch to a local tech company as an advertising concept. That was fun... we had a cast of 15 talented actors (there's so much talent in San Francisco!) and did a night shoot at Farley's on Portrero Hill. My partner on that, Donna, is off to Toronto with our footage to get it edited by her award-winning editor friend.

Last week, I hit day of distribution at Cinequest -- picked up a couple of biz cards that may come in handy down the road, but overall I'm unimpressed with traditional distribution channels, so watch this space, Facebook, mismothemovie.com, et al for social networking buzz. We're brimful with ideas for promotion!!

Have also been dining and drinking well... will post reviews when I have a minute.

Also, hats off the the makers of OUTSOURCED, an independent flick. They sent me a DVD for review at the end of the year, right when my player died (RIP)... Finally purchased a new one (who has time to watch movies when you're making one?!) and watched the film. Really enjoyable, very well done... I recommend it over many of the films that were up for Academy Awards!

Speaking of... wasn't that the most boring Oscars ever? Other than Javier Bardem, of course ~ isn't he yummy? Personally, I was thrilled to see Tilda Swinton win and just learned that she's Scottish! Go girl! Here's another Scot aiming to be on that platform making a speech... the bet is for 2010

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