Saturday, April 07, 2007


And get prepared for a rockin' rollercoaster of a ride like only Messrs. Rodriguez and Tarantino (with a little help from Mr. Zombie) can supply!

Rodriguez turns on the gore instantly and from there on out it only escalates but even though there are a couple of serious gag-reflex moments, you soon get the hang and just laugh along at the outrageousness of it all. Rose McGowan rocks ~ or should I say go-go's from start to finish and Freddy Rodriguez (the adorable undertaker from Six Feet Under) is, well, adorable.

The pseudo ads between Planet Terror and Death Proof are hilarious and worth foregoing that trip to the bathroom for ~ in fact pee before entering and don't buy no grande slurpies!

Sadly, however ~ SPOILER ALERT ~ in Death Proof , Tarantino's trademark dialogue falls flat and things only pick up in the second half when the action kicks in. I won't spoil it, suffice to say, the end is abrupt and redeems what lacked earlier.

I might also add that Tarantino should stick to directing. His talents as an actor are slim to none and just come as, to put it politely, ego massage.

Overall, however, TWO enthusiastic THUMBS UP!

p.s. I already bought the soundtrack!

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