Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Quakes, Shakes and Flakes...

The whirlwind continues... We had the premiere of our film last Thursday night at the Jarvis Conservatory in Napa, hosted by our Executive Producers Debra and Paul Johnson.

The Conservatory was a former winery transformed by William Jarvis and several million dollars into the stunning theater it is now and features opera on the first Saturday of every month for an incredibly low $15.

The Johnsons did everything first class… candles and bouquets of gorgeous flowers everywhere, hors d’oeuvres and crab cocktails in abundance, as were delicious wines from their winery Astrale e Terra. My favorite was the Arcturus 2001… an amazing Bordeaux blend.

Disappointing, however, was that our film, which was scheduled to show on the big outdoor screens on Market Street during this morning’s pre-dawn centennial commemorative didn’t. This may be politically incorrect for me to say, but since when did I care about flakes, I mean, politicians? The Mayor vetoed the film because he wanted to keep things upbeat with no scenes of destruction… which kind of is the point of the film. Back in '06 the politicos conspired to downplay the death and destruction caused by the earthquake because they didn’t want to scare off investors… hence the death toll was officially in the hundreds instead of the true thousands… and the historians are still counting. Gavin was awfully cute with handful of survivors who made it to the dais, wasn't he though? And aren’t our police chief, fire chief, and emergency services chief fabulous? All women, in case you didn’t notice.

So, here's the clip from our film that you should have seen... You can buy the DVD on Amazon.

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