Tuesday, April 18, 2006

As the World Goes Round...

Move over Marvelous Michael and make way for Magnificent Matt… well, this blog isn’t called sassy and single for no good reason!

So, I was propositioned online as to whether I might like a boy toy. No beating around the bush, no BS, just this is what I'm about. What do you say?

Heck, I ‘like’ toys and I *love* my boys ~ so a boy who’s also a toy and a real pretty one at that… well, a girl just has to check it out. And
check it out I did.

Magnificent Matt is a name well earned. He comes fully loaded, equipped with all his own boy toys, you know, all the techno gadgets ~ surround sound, projector screen, wireless on-demand tunes, movies, or… well, use your own imagination (we did!) ~ at the drop of a hat. Did I say hat? I meant… I digress. He's totally chill, has the sexiest voice ever, knows how to treat a lady... what’s not to like? Thank heaven for truth in advertising ~ finally!

On the other hand, Mr. A was stood up two Saturday nights in a row by some moron. Sorry, Dud (pun intended), I don’t care how cute your Mulatto, cello playing, disadvantaged child teaching ass is… you might as well have loser tattooed on it. And, don’t worry, Mr. A agrees. In fact, I inadvertently injected him with a doze of my own sass and he called the loser ~ okay, his name is Mario ~ and told him exactly what he thought… Bravo!

Meanwhile, Frankie has been tearing up the town (oh, it’s a little, okay a lot, more private than that) with a cute tenor… must make for melodic harmonies;-) ;-)

Ms. D is in town from LA and bemoaning the standstill of her own long distance love affair. It seems Mr. Chatty Kathy likes to call her on the phone all the time and then take time off with no warning. That’s not how it works, loser. You can’t possibly hope to make her your wife by playing Houdini and I’m her girlfriend to tell her so! Besides, before making wedding plans, how about making a plane reservation so that you can actually meet? Just a thought.

Can’t blame my girlfriend for indulging in a little fantasy ~ everybody needs a little titillation ~ it’s what keeps the world going round… that, and a few greenbacks don’t hurt. Which brings me to the sore point of my poor little street-beat Miata… but I’ll save that for another day.

Happy Centennial!

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