Friday, September 24, 2010

Chivalry is Alive and Well in San Francisco!

As I was rushing from errand to errand, my eye kept going to the dangerously low needle for my gas tank. Leaving Trader Joe's I took the route to the nearest gas station... and ALMOST made it. But, instead, there I was on the crosswalk waiting for the slooooow traffic to pass so that I could turn left off of Geary when... you guessed it.

The guy in the car behind me was a doll and did not curse me out for missing the light. He figured the gas station, just one block away, would sell me a can for gas. Cool! I popped the hood to signal that the car was 'broken down' while I ran to the gas station. Nope, no gas can. Now what?

I called my boyfriend, who I knew was also out and about running errands. "Where are you?" "San Jose. What's up, babe?" "Ran out of gas in the middle of Geary." "Babe, you should keep gas in your tank." "Yes, I know."

Wait, what do I see? Help on the horizon? Four men surrounding my car?

Johnny at Big O Tires had seen a damsel in distress and sent his men to help me. They pushed the car to safety, then brought me back to the shop to find a gas tank.

As if that wasn't enough, Justin accompanied to the gas station and back to my car to put in the gas. When, for some inexplicable reason, the container would not release the gas, he then jimmy-rigged a funnel out of a window cleanser bottle from my trunk by getting scissors from the Asian guy in the grocery store...

I couldn't even tip the guys, because I had no cash.

Instead, I am here to say that acts of kindness like this restore my faith in humanity. And when I have the money, I guarantee I will be buying my tires from the guys at Big O. They rock!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

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  1. what a wonderful story, Lorraine!!