Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have to Get Out!

Sick of brainstorming to the power of one and taking a tip from Betsy Burroughs, I got off my butt, walked away from the confuser, and drove to my old stomping grounds Chrissie Fields. I say old stomping grounds 'cos CT and I used to run from the Marina Safeway to Fort Point and back - a little over 5 miles - before we went to work every morning. And, in that era I had to be at my desk by 8:30. In Redwood City. You figure out what time we had to start in the AM. Come rain or shine, I will add. But I digress...

On the way to the car, I gave directions through Golden Gate Park to a lovely old Indian man who seemed genuinely delighted to be taking a walk through the park. Was reminded it is Earth Day when I came across volunteers from SalesForce... thought that sitting hacking weeds with a pick looked fun. Stopped to admire a tall, proud gray heron and learned that a jogger has a pet name for the him - George. Gave directions to the Exploratorium to a cute Italian couple on bikes... had the opportunity to say "Ciao!" Listened in on an Urban Safari tour guide spouting facts about the Golden Gate Bridge. As historian buff James Dalessandro's assistant, didn't learn anything so much as was reminded of a few things, but learned to reappreciate the bridge's magnificence. Spoke with a young man as we watched the coast guard save someone in the water, or, as I thought afterwards, simply practice manouvers. He told me he'd chickened out on his lesson today, but his dream was to para sail from Fort Point to San Francisco. His coach told him it was do-able in a year and reminded me that all great things start with one small step.

Came back rejuvenated, refreshed and filled with ideas to blog and twitter about!

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