Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back on the scene!

With Gino and Danny out of town, I have a minute to come up for air and resume some semblance of a personal life, and now that the French man is out of the picture, it’s out on the town again!!

Tuesday night was the Madrone catching up with Kish and that was fun, though I don't think think there was anyone older than 30 there other than myself.

Last night was a 7x7 restaurant opening. Certain that it was going to be a mob scene of 20 somethings, CT and I decided to take our time getting there by walking ~ at least we’d have gotten some exercise if the rest of the night was a bomb… not so!

Palmetto, on Union Street, is fabulous! They had a good looking group of people loaded with age appropriate men… and, naturally, some not so age appropriate, but I don’t play with those any more. First, the restaurant: elegant space with a spacious bar, tended by handsome bartenders pouring some yummy cherry cosmo concoction. The food, passed around, was plentiful and delicious. My favorites were the dates wrapped in bacon, sinful but delicious! Then they had a whole load of other nibbles, every one of which was yummy. The crowd was never a mob scene and because it was older than the average 7x7 freebie, people actually talked to one another! CT was on exceptional form, chatting up a storm and though we never moved from our spot a bevy of eligible bachelors swam our way… and so the night swam by… We left with two adorable, funny guys and, having had lots to whet our appetites, we went to Betel Nut (one of my all-time faves) for dinner.

After dinner, which was about midnight by then (on a school night!), we realized that no one had driven so it was up the hill we went… and not a groan to be heard! Well, that was last night. Today, my head hurts… Tonight it’s the movies with Hattie…

p.s. I highly recommend Palmetto!

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  1. Just saw you picture on Bebo. You are hot! I'll have to stop visiting your blog now; otherwise, I might just have a crush on you ;-)