Sunday, November 19, 2006

Slow Club

Just a snapshot taken with my new supercool Sony Cyber-shot while I was dining with Anthony at the Slow Club Thursday night. By now we were onto desserts and I ordered the gorgonzola colcelatte and Chateau Grillon Sauternes with raw star thistle honey and toasted walnuts ~ to die for, as was the rest of our dinner with the exception of the fried 'cardoons'. For those of of you who don't know what a cardoon is (and we seasoned gourmets had to ask, as did each of our neighboring diners) it's a member of the fibrous vegetable family a la artichoke. Well, the cardoons were a joke ~ utterly inedible and so rubbery we could stretch them like rubber bands. Anthony would never complain but, of course, I will so our darling waiter removed them from our bill... This is our darling waiter

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